The Free Theatre Movement

“The public interest is best served by the free exchange of ideas.” – John Kane

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Red Tape believes that access to the arts is essential for our community’s ability to engage in a free exchange of ideas. As an art form, the immediacy of theatre provides a powerful platform for this exchange. We strive to remove the barriers that exist between our community and an increasingly commodified culture. Since 2018, we have offered all of our mainstage theatrical productions to the public free of charge.

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How does The Free Theatre Movement work?

Red Tape offers our work free of charge thanks the generous support of our Members, each of whom makes an automated monthly donation in an amount of their choosing. Each monthly donation enables Red Tape to share our work with more people and to engage a growing community in discourse through the arts.

Support Free Theatre.

You can become a Member and start supporting the Free Theatre Movement with an automated monthly donation. Every $10 per month you donate makes it possible for Red Tape to share our unique theatrical experience with 16 more people this year. Become a Member today and join the Free Theatre Movement! You can also support our mission by making a one-time donation.

Membership has its Benefits.

The greatest rewards are intrinsic – our Members help to build and grow an engaged community. That being said, we also offer additional benefits to our Members based on the amount you decide to donate each month. For starters, seating in our theatre is limited and our shows tend to sell out fast. But Red Tape’s Members enjoy the benefit of guaranteed seats at all of our productions, so you’ll never miss out on seeing our work. Learn more about Membership benefits.

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