Our Mission

We believe it essential to the welfare of our community that its members are able to see the world from multiple perspectives. Red Tape Theatre challenges audiences to think differently by disrupting expectations and by redefining the boundaries of the theatrical event. We apply our unique visual aesthetic to the social, political and cultural stories of our time, creating immersive and thought-provoking experiences for our audiences.

We are a free theatre.
We are an immersive theatre.
We are a theatre of images.
We are a theatre of ideas.


Our story.

Fourteen years ago, a group of inspired artists studying together decided to collaborate on a shared vision for a unique theatrical experience. Striving to experiment with and combine various forms in new ways, they soon found their non-traditional approach to theatre-making hindered by a nearly prohibitive array of bureaucratic hurdles. Frustrated but undeterred, they forged on.

The success of their first production inspired them to continue their artistic collaboration, but they knew that they could reach their community more efficiently by forming their own theatre company and building a production model that supported experimentation. They named the company “Red Tape Theatre”, an ironic nod to the challenges that inspired its formation.

Over the years, Red Tape has continued our pursuit of identifying and disrupting the conventions that interfere with our audience’s connection to the work we produce. We have created countless productions, staged readings, and other artistic events that have consistently challenged the way stories are told and received. And, after 13 seasons of award-winning, thought-provoking, non-traditional theatre, the artistic collective of Red Tape has chosen to revisit our seminal ethos.

Founded with the purpose of eliminating the barriers of tradition that stand between artists and the community they serve, Red Tape Theatre has chosen to eliminate the economic barrier of affordability and to redefine the value proposition by offering all of our art to our community free of charge.


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