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Mnemonic | Red Tape Theatre


Sep 4th, 2014

Photos from Mnemonic
by Red Tape Theatre

September 2-October 5, 2014
Photos by Austin D. Oie

Mnemonic Photo 1 for web

David Cady Jr., Chris Carr & Jake Szczepaniak

Mnemonic Photo 2 for web

Pavi Proczko & Sarah Grant

Mnemonic Photo 3 for web

Chris Carr & Meghan Reardon

Mnemonic Photo 4 for web

Pavi Proczko, David Cady Jr., Gage Wallace, Jake Szczepaniak, Robert Oakes & Chris Carr

Mnemonic Photo 5 for web

Sarah Grant, Gage Wallace, Stephanie Shum & Chris Carr

Mnemonic Photo 6 for web

Emma Ladji, Krista Taylor, Sarah Grant, Robert Oakes, David Giannini, Meghan Reardon, Stephanie Shum, Gage Wallace, Jake Szczepaniak, David Cady Jr. & Pavi Proczko

Mnemonic Photo 7 for web

Emma Ladji, David Giannini, Stephanie Shum, Sarah Grant, Chris Carr, Krista Taylor, Jake Szczepaniak, Pavi Proczko & Gage Wallace

Mnemonic Photo 8 for web

Robert Oakes, Jake Szczepaniak, Gage Wallace, Pavi Proczko, Stephanie Shum, Emma Ladji & Krista Taylor