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Season 8 | Red Tape Theatre

Season 8

Oct 23rd, 2011

Season 8 is Sponsored by our friends at Wilde Bar



Season Theme

Wake up, shower, shave, run to the train, coffee, email, meetings, surf the web, bar, home, television, sleep – repeat.  Life comes at you fast.  It’s intoxicating how quickly life piles up around you. As citizens, care-givers, employees and lovers we shoulder an incredible amount of responsibilities.  To cope, we spend most of our lives on auto-pilot. But every now and then, something catastrophic happens that pulls us out of our ever accelerating circuit.  Sometimes it’s death, sometimes it’s birth, sometimes it’s love, often times it’s loss.  In these moments, the air smells fresher, our hearts love boldly, our smiles widen.  These moments stack up and become the things we remember most about our lives.  The rest is just sleepwalking.

For our 2011-2012 season, Red Tape creates three theatre experiences to wake the living. We found inspiration in stories of overthrown dogmas, familial redemption and the yearning for exhilaration.   We hope these offerings create pause in your life and rouse you from your waking-slumber.



By Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Max Truax

“Deaf-mutes and sleepers who won’t wake.  This battle’s not for them.”

Paul Miller, Amanda Drinkall, Carrie Drapac – photo by Austin D Oie

An ice church. A great cleft in the rock. A spot where drifting snow and ice have formed the roof of a huge vault. A feral child leads you up a mountain to the top.  A priest:  pious, passionate, conflicted.  

Awake now?



By Mark Schulz
Directed by James D Palmer

“Honey?  I think we should sell the kids.”

Nick Combs, Alex Kyger, Paige Sawin, Meghan Reardon – photo by Austin D Oie

You owe it to yourself to be happy.  But sometimes happiness comes with a price.  When Marco presents an offer that will turn their world upside down, Stacey and Brian just might have a chance to start over.

Awake now?


By George Brant
Directed by James D Palmer

“There was a town.  There was a circus. There was a railroad. And there was an elephant.”

After midnight, after the townsfolk have gone home.  After the prying eyes of Erwin are closed.  Safe and asleep in their beds.  Sleeping with the certainty that their boogie monster is dead.

Awake now?