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Season 7 | Red Tape Theatre

Season 7

Jul 30th, 2011

TRAGEDY: a tragedy by Will Eno
May 5 to June 4, 2011

“Few modern writers are as deft at wordplay as Eno, who stuffs some of the most insanely enjoyable verbal inanities into the mouths of his characters…But Eno – a Pulitzer finalist whose 2010 play “Middletown” comes to the Steppenwolf in June – is just as obsessed with the fears and anxieties that can so frequently occupy our thoughts ….Red Tape always impressively reconfigures its space…It works like gangbusters.”  Chicago Tribune

“Eno’s first play, Tragedy works on multiple levels, including simple but cutting parody of the broadcast news format and chill-inducing reflection on all the things we take for granted in our comfortable American lives.”  Timeout Chicag0

“Taking place at the Red Tape Theatre, it should be no surprise that the structure of Will Eno’s play is unique, to say the least….countless comedic one-liners….the darkness becomes a metaphor for the breaking news they discover in themselves…the audience will laugh throughout the play, they will leave with a deeper message about their own lives.”  The DePaulia

“Absurd comedy fuels Jeremy Wechsler’s production for Red Tape Theatre…some tender lyric moments.”  The Chicago Reader

A new theatrical experience…Wacky, darkly hilarious, and deeply lyrical.   Wechsler’s show digs deep into your psyche… Eno is an interesting creature on today’s theatre scene…Tragedy is remarkably fresh…Perhaps it will be the hallmark of American theatre in the 2000s.” Chicago Theatre Blog


Church/Pullman, WA by Young Jean Lee
January 27 to March 5, 2011

 “One of the more arresting evenings of theater going on right now.” -Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

READER RECOMMENDED  Two dazzling one-acts by experimental playwright Young Jean Lee…Like the playlets themselves, James Palmer’s immersive staging for Red Tape Theatre is funny, sad, strange and ultimately, unexpectedly uplifting. – Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader

TIME OUT CHICAGO’S SHOW OF THE WEEK  Challenging, curious, free of artifice and utterly disarming. 4 Stars!  Kris Vire

NEW CITY RECOMMENDED Red Tape’s double bill of two of Lee’s one-acts bring out the irreverence, incisiveness and unironic jubilance of her writing…after this, Lee’s name ought to start showing up in more Chicago Theatres’ seasons. – Neal Ryan Shaw, New City

Director James Palmer clearly made a good decision in ensuring that the ideas really impact[ed] the audience members and ma[d]e the play seem real and live…Robert L Oakes’s deep charismatic voice constantly summoned me to look deeply…there were no boundaries as to what could done in the space. – Andrea Kramar, Splash

Well-presented by James Palmer and his ensemble of artists who merge acting, design, music, choreography and environment into an effective presentation. – Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times

Lee’s writing has got a tiger by the tale….Palmer’s more than able cast easily holds their own through all Church’s tangential swerves and comic detours.  They are brilliant! – Paige Listerudm, Chicago Theatre Blog

The pieces, both smartly directed by James Palmer, are highly immersive affairsinvolving neurotic individuals who have found a higher calling and want to reveal the secret to their enlightenment with us.  The Fantastic Amanda Reader kicks things off on a high note.  It’s a surprising and joyous conclusion! – Bob Bullen, Chicago Theatre Addict


Obscura: a voyeuristic love story by Jennifer Barclay

September 23 to October 23, 2010

“Theater artists of all stripes…need to see this show if only to see the possibilities if you think big.  Miniscule budgets are no excuse for shoddy production values, and

Red Tape is keeping the bar high.”  –Chicago Tribune

“Seeing these lives unravel and intertwine behind closed doors is fascinating by itself, but it’s the way Barclay and director Julieanne Ehre orchestrate the whole thing that elevates it tosomething extraordinary. a cacophony of sound and rhythm…a sophisticated and fascinating effort by Red Tape.” -Chicago Theatre Addict

“It’s one of the better shows you’ll come across in terms of its palpable visual world. Red Tape, as a company, does a bang-up job.”  -Chicago Tribune

“Darkly funny, emotional, and simmering below the surface” -Chicago Theatre Blog

“Director Julianne Ehre has pulled off a feat reminiscent of Orson Welles” -Chicago Theatre Blo

“Entering the performing space at Red Tape is an awe inspiringexperience.” -Steadstyle Chicago 

“Scenic designerWilliam Andersonhits a home runwith his three-story tenement set” -Chicago Reader

“On William Anderson’s great, big set, “Obscura” plays out like a chamber musical… When the actors nail their discrete rhythms, scenes build into a wonderful, expressionistic cacophony.”  -Newcity 



Les Enfants Terribles present PROM NIGHT

July 15 to August 14, 2010

“Red Tape Theatre’s collaboration with the young performance troupe called Les Enfants Terribles – comprising six recent grads from Roosevelt University in their professional debut – has all the makings of an underground hit.” -Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

“I hope to see them around for many years, as a group like this could easily become a staple of Chicago theatre.” -Paul Cosca, Steadstlye Chicago

“it’s worth going back to high school for Les Enfants Terribles: PROM NIGHT.”  -Oliver Salva, Chicago Theatre Blog

“if you’re into the tradition of Chicago’s interactive, experimental theatre scene… give Les Enfants Terribles: Prom Night a spin”  -John Reinhardt, Chicago Critic

“The juxtaposition of their harsh appearance and their sweet voices make for a nice interesting contrast that blurs the lines of the unusual and conventional.A unique brand of theater, Les Enfants engages their audience in every aspect of the performance, adding to the astonishing style.”  -Aimee Rancer and Emily Koening, Chicago Splash


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