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Season 5 | Red Tape Theatre

Season 5

Apr 4th, 2011

Enemy of the People

Adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Robert L. Oakes
May 1 to May 30, 2009

“A wonderful experience for any theater patron- no matter how much live theater you may attend- it is different and an experience that you will remember and talk about” -Al Bresslof, Steadstyle Chicago

“Ambitious director James Palmer and his gutsy cast craft many moments of humor and dread.” – Leon Hilton, Chicago Reader

“Oakes deserves credit for finding useful contemporary reference and for bringing a compelling ambiguity to the issue of right and wrong…Palmer’s solid, intermittently inventive staging boasts strong supporting performances.” -Zac Thompson, Time Out Chicago. It is filled with passion, compromise, love, and definitely an education…This is a show well worth discovering. It was thoughtful, well-crafted and attacked realistic political issues.” – Billy Lullo, MTM

“Robert L. Oakes probably didn’t intend his new Americanized take on an old Henrik Ibsen drama to be “ripped from the headlines.” But just a few weeks after the village of Crestwood was exposed for pumping from a contaminated well for its citizens’ drinking water, Oakes’ Enemy of the People for Red Tape Theatre takes on an uncomfortable relevancy.” -Scott Morgan, Windy City Times

“The Red Tape Theatre brought the issues of contaminated water, economic turmoil, and hard decisions to light with great humor and touching realism. The production made it a point to not be politically correct and in turn was beautifully and brutally honest about what is going on in our society and neighborhoods today.” -Jennifer Lezin, Chicago Splash

“Red Tape’s production is top-notch design-wise, and it’s even more effective thanks to James Palmer’s direction…[who] masterfully uses the spaces at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to prevent audiences from just being casual viewers. Instead, Palmer directly questions what you might do if you were a citizen of a poisoned community, and this makes Enemy of the People even more powerful and timely.” – Scott Morgan, Windy City Times

Dog in a Manger

Adapted from Lope de Vega by James D. Palmer
October 12 to November 2, 2008

“This free adaptation by James D. Palmer opens the tale of a countess’s jealous love for her servant to other issues–especially the sort that preoccupy a media-saturated society, like the way in which a simulation can replace a reality. Palmer’s script has its thought-provoking moments, his directing is crisp, and there are some strong performances.” –Tony Adler, Chicago Reader
“Finally, cutting-edge theater that requires its audience to have taken Sosc. From Foucault to Freud, from Nietzsche to Marx, you’ll find it all in James Palmer’s adaptation of Dog in a Manger.  Paul Miller plays a Fabio that is so convincingly scummy, I wonder what he is like in real life.   Palmer displays a poetic deftness.  The production is very funny, and when it draws blood, the play does so with insight.”  – Pete Russell, Chicago Maroon