Apr 15th, 2011

Red Tape Theatre is a home for adventurous audiences. When we perform a show, we aim to engage our audience in a way that feels active, that feels alive, and that feels in the moment. We like to say that our shows aren’t just experimental, they are experiential. The experience of an audience member, the way they enter the space, their proximity to the actors, the way the actors engage them–these are aspects we consider in great detail with each production. Audiences know that when they walk into a Red Tape production, they are walking into a unique world that they themselves are a part of, not just a witness to.

We are a home for audiences with opinions–inquisitive and curious folks. We like hitting difficult questions and topics from odd angles, we like to find beauty in the rough stuff, the humor in the bleak stuff, and we like to find the moments that strike an emotional cord and tease those out. It’s a common saying backstage that all emotions are valid: every possible response an audience member may have is good, because positive or negative, it reveals a lot about a person, what they hold dear, and means that they are out there emotionally engaged and present in what they see. It’s my goal that no one walks out of one of our shows feeling ambivalent–that they leave with some sort of response or some conversation to have on the way out. We like audiences who don’t leave a performance at the theatre, who take it to the bar afterwards to keep talking about with friends, who take it back to their homes at night, who continue their experience after our work is done.

We are a socially conscious theatre, but we feel it is never our job to lecture at an audience or to educate. It’s our job to ask questions, to maybe look at things from a different perspective, and our audience provides their own answers. In this way, our performances are always a two-way street: it’s always exciting, it’s always a little different, and we are always learning more about our shows along with our audience. It’s an incredible experience. It is our privilege and it is our passion to be able to share that with you.

Meghan Reardon, Associate Artistic Director


“Red Tape is keeping the bar high”  -Chicago Tribune