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Feb 26th, 2017


March 23rd – April 15th

Performances take place Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays at 8pm

at The Broadway at Pride Arts Center, 4139 N. Broadway


Red Tape Theatre and Walkabout Theater Company are pleased to present the world premiere of MOTHER OF SMOKE, a co-created production inspired by the collision of Chuck Mee’s Trojan Women: A Love Story and Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard.

In a city on fire, one woman laments the destruction of her house while another refuses to acknowledge the existence of a threat at all. Created in response to the global crisis of displacement, the promise of safety and the crumbling of the American Dream, Mother of Smoke delves into a mash-up of The Trojan Women and The Cherry Orchard to examine the conflicting forces relevant to violence and disparity present in Chicago now. The performers weave together these stories, original text, music and movement in order to create a new response to this violence and how it exists in our daily lives. Co-created with a team of writers, musicians and performers, Mother of Smoke is an epic performance of remembering, coming together and picking up the pieces.

PARKING at Pride Arts Center

Parking can be tricky because all the streets around us – Broadway, Buena, and the side streets – feature free parking. If you are coming from the south, head up Broadway from Irving Park and grab the first spot you see! Heading north of Buena, parking is not too bad on Broadway, and is excellent on Montrose west of Clark (on the north side of Graceland Cemetery or on Irving Park west of the Red Line on the south side of Graceland Cemetery.

If you don’t want to search, we recommend using Spot Hero, as there are several commercial lots on Clarendon just to the east, including Walt Disney school that are within 15 minute walk. Other paid lots south of Irving Park are listed as being a 15 minute walk, and are as cheap as $5.

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