CFANN: Chicago Fringe Artists Networking Night

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Jan 21st, 2009

Red Tape has been given the great honor of hosting CFANN: Chicago Fringe Artists Networking Night! CFANN is a one night only event for fringe artists, working in a variety of media, to discuss and celebrate the work that we do for Chicago. On January 31, from 8pm to 12am, we will be presenting works from a variety of artists throughout Chicago with the intent of generating conversation and artistic overlap. The $20 admission includes access to all works and performances as well as drinks and snacks.

  • Saturday, January 31, 8pm-12am
  • Performances throughout the evening
  • 621 W Belmont – St. Peters Episcopal Church
  • $20 Admission Fee (includes drinks and snacks)

Purchase Tickets Online

Artist Lineup Announced!

Visual Art:
Judith Joseph
Irena Czumaj-Szesny
Jennifer Lenihan
Jeannette Thompson
Ann Patrick O’Brian
Victoria Milewski
Ania Grzesik
Ruti Modlin

Performances By:
Leigh Ann Boatman and David Gerber
The Trenchberg Incident
Genesis Ensemble
Jamie Olah
Marcel Williams Foster
David Westling
Sarah Wattles
Red Tape Theatre: Fresh Eyes Project


CFANN Means Networking!

Take advantage of these CFANN networking opportunities:

  • Please bring postcards, business cards or any other marketing material for upcoming shows and exhibitions to add to our networking table. And pick up a few cards for other artists while you’re there.
  • If you’re coming to CFANN, post it on our facebook page, along with info for your upcoming events.
  • Do you have a show, or tickets to a show on January 31? Don’t worry. CFANN is a great place to hang out post show and keep the conversation going!


  • Judith Joseph

    01 Feb 2009

    CFANN was a great event! I have posted photos of my work at the event at:
    Thanks, Red Tape Theatre, for hosting this exciting evening.

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